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What are Zwell’s employment practices?

We started Zwell because we believe that free markets, entrepreneurship, and socially responsible capitalism can solve many of the world’s problems. We believe in creating fulfilling work for people and paying people for the value they create. Here at Zwell we believe in equality and treating everyone with respect. We believe that through open, honest, and transparent dialogue with our employees and contractors we can create lifelong working relationships. We don’t prohibit workers from freely associating and bargaining collectively for the terms of one’s employment.

  • Zwell doesn’t employ zero-hour contracts.
  • We don’t use prison labor.
  • Overtime work is not compulsory.
  • We don’t employ workers under the age of 15 (or other minimum work age covered by the International Labour Organization Convention No. 138 ).
  • We have not had any on-the-job fatalities.
  • Zwell has not had to layoff more than 20% of our workforce.
  • We have not had any labor penalties or litigation brought upon us.
  • We have not had any allegations or penalties for infringing on indigenous people’s rights.
  • Zwell has not had any other penalties, complaints, or grievances filed or levied against us for negative impacts on local communities, human rights, or other stakeholder concerns.
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