Zwell Community Fund™

We believe in a future where every home can benefit from the cost savings of energy efficient technology.

Every purchase on Zwell contributes money towards the community fund. Every penny of the fund is then used towards the purchase and installation of energy efficient home energy solutions for families in need, at cost to Zwell. We believe in a world where neighbors help neighbors and we promise to do our part to facilitate that.

Zwell is a Washington Social Purpose Corporation, so a community-minded focus is in our DNA. We were founded with the idea, that a free market business has a fundamental responsibility to enrich its community and that capitalism — instead of being a vehicle for funneling wealth to a few — can be used to distribute resources equitably, while still maintaining the competitive edge that is so powerful for innovation and moving industries forward into the future.

Apply to Receive Support from the Zwell Community Fund™

If you need financial support for any Zwell product offerings, apply here in a just a few simple steps. All applications are considered anonymously – all Zwell customers are equally valuable! Support is need-based and considered on a case by case basis.

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