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In as little as 10 minutes, you will understand your home’s energy efficiency and get a prioritized list of high-value home improvements tailored to your home that will save you money and lower your home’s CO2 emissions.  

Never a Better Time to Start Making Improvements

Homes contribute 20% of total CO2 emissions in the United States, presenting a big opportunity for reducing and curbing the impacts of climate change.  Fortunately, most of the home upgrades also reduce homeowners’ energy bills and improve the comfort and safety of their homes.

With recent advancements in home energy technology and valuable government incentives, there has never been a better time to upgrade your home – for yourself, your family, and the planet!

Got a Question? Check Out Our FAQ List

Why should I get a home energy audit?

Each home is unique, and the highest impact (financial and environmental) projects will vary by specifics of the home, appliances, and energy mix of your home and the local grid. Zwell’s home energy audit accounts for these factors to present projects that will save you the most money and reduce the most emissions.

Is the home energy audit really free?

Absolutely, we want as many people to learn how their home is impacting the environment and the steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, we’d love it if you shared your results with your friends and family, and together, we want to reduce the carbon emissions from one million homes by 2030.

How long does the home energy audit take to complete?

Most people are able to answer all of the questions from the comfort of their couch in less than 5 minutes.

What’s included in the results of the home energy audit?

We have an extensive database of local grid information (including costs and energy generation), weather, solar insolation, groundwater temperatures and the energy demands of common household appliances. Based on the specific details of your home and location, we’ll calculate the carbon footprint of your current household systems and compare that to other options.

If there are potential CO2 and/or energy cost savings, we’ll list out how your carbon footprint or wallet could benefit by making a change! A home score, based on your unique situation, will indicate how close your home is to Net Zero and where it sits relative to other homes in your area. We share the specific CO2 totals of each appliance and estimate energy costs, so you can make an informed choice about your key household systems. Let’s get to Net Zero together!

What do I need to complete the home energy audit?

You’ll be asked between 25 and 30 questions about your home. Most people know the answer to these questions off the top of their head or know how to find the answer. Examples of some of the questions include the year of your home, square footage, type of windows, appliances, etc.

Will I get the results of my home energy audit right away?

Yes, as soon as you complete the application, you’ll receive your results. You won’t be asked to provide an email or any other personal information to get your results. You will have the option at the completion of your audit to save your results using your email address, but this is not required.

Do I have to enter my personal information (email/phone) to get results?

No, you won’t be asked to provide an email or any other personal information to get your results. You will have the option at the completion of your audit to save your results using your email address, but this is not required.

How accurate and reliable is the home energy audit?

The audit evaluates the most impactful components of a typical home by asking simple, easy-to-answer questions. Some general assumptions are required to make an energy use estimate for homes without knowing all of the specific complexities that may be hard to determine without a thorough inspection from a professional auditor. Estimates should be accurate for a typical home matching the answers provided, but unique conditions or qualities of the actual home beyond those answers may affect the reliability of that inference.
The score is meant to give a useful but approximate estimate without the need for difficult-to-obtain information. But if a precise level of accuracy is required, you may prefer to seek out a professional home energy auditor who can perform an in-home inspection and measurement.

Does this replace an in-person home energy audit?

No, a professional home energy audit performed by a qualified building performance professional can provide you with more precise information to make decisions about the most important home energy improvements. A home energy auditor will often use specialized equipment like thermal imaging cameras, blower door tests and other health and safety testing devices to provide you with a comprehensive and as accurate an audit as possible without doing invasive work in your home. Zwell’s DIY Home Energy audit is designed to educate and inform

What are the next steps after the home energy audit?

We hope you will join the fight to reduce your carbon footprint and begin working on the recommended home energy improvements found in your audit and sharing your audit with your friends.

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