Energy Generation

Close the Gap to "Zero" with Home Solar or Geothermal

Updating your heating & cooling, water heating and other high-energy appliances can eliminate most of your home’s CO₂ emissions, but to get all the way to “Net Zero” we also have to clean up our energy generation, and home electricity generation is becoming increasingly popular. Home solar is a great option for many people – even, in temperate climate zones! Many utilities also offer clean energy incentive programs.

Home Electricity Generation

With many federal and local incentives, as well as more options for $0 down financing, home solar is more accessible than it ever has been.

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Cleaning Up the Grid

Many utilities are rapidly expanding their clean energy infrastructure. Green pricing programs are a great way to directly invest in the grid.

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Home Solar Panel Installation – A Complete Guide

Solar Panel Costs, Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates

Types of Solar Panels & Solar Systems for Your Home

Geothermal Heat Pumps for Home Heating & Cooling

Home Wind Turbines – Generate Your Own Clean Power

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