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How is Zwell organized and what is the company’s operating history?

Zwell is a Washington Social Purpose Corporation founded on Earth Day, April 22, 2020.

  • We do not use corporate shells or other structural means such as establishing multiple corporate entities to minimize tax payments.
  • We have never filed for bankruptcy protection.
  • Zwell has never committed, been penalized for, or been accused of bribery, fraud, or corruption.
  • We have never been penalized or have had any allegations of anti-competitive behavior.
  • We have never received any penalties for financial reporting, tax payments, investments, or loans.
  • Zwell has never received any penalties regarding political contributions or international affairs.
  • We’ve never been party to any litigation or arbitration.
  • We have never experienced accidental discharges to air, land, or water of hazardous substances at any of our facilities.
  • Zwell has never had environmental management or animal welfare penalties.
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