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What is Zwell’s environmental mission?

Central to Zwell’s purpose is our environmental mission. We believe that we can effectively combat the effects of climate change. We can start by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the homes we all live in.

Our journey in Zwell started with a love of entrepreneurship and a belief that the free market can solve many of the problems we face today. Collectively, we have several decades of experience building businesses, but we all were searching for more purpose in our work.

We started our research by looking at the UN’s list of global issues and from there, we were most drawn to the problem of climate change. Lightbulbs started going off. With the progress we are making with connected homes; it was pretty easy to imagine a not too distant future where smart homes would reduce the amount of wasted energy. Furthermore, with focused innovation and dedication we could picture a future where we could get to sustainable energy for all homes.

We partnered up with 1% for the Planet, B Corp, Spark Northwest, and Community Energy Project in achieving our mission. We also established a Zwell Community Fund

Learn more about our environmental mission.

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