As we battle climate change, America is racing to reduce emissions through clean energy, efficiency and electrification. Going for Zero™ highlights everyday heroes at the cutting edge of this transition, exploring how getting to carbon neutral is making life better for us all.

The Battle For Change

In each episode of this half-hour series we’ll meet the pioneers of this movement and learn what goes into changing a person’s home – and their life – to save the planet: both the benefits and the potential pitfalls.



Heat Pump Water Heater

Unlike a traditional water heater that generates heat, a heat pump pulls heat from the surrounding air, like a refrigerator in reverse. Sounds almost too good to be true; is it?

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Solar & Battery Storage

The familiar rooftop panels are having a moment, thanks to reduced manufacturing costs and government subsidies. But are they worth it – and what are they really like to live with on a cloudy day?


Geothermal Energy

The U.S. leads the world in geothermal energy, using the stable temperatures within the earth – as shallow as 10 feet – to heat and cool buildings. Putting in a geothermal system takes some doing, though; we’ll see if the results make it worthwhile.


Heat Pump Ductless, Ducted, Mini-Split

HVAC may be one of the largest consumers of energy in our homes but that does not mean that the market is stagnant. The heat pump is one of the biggest transitions to come into the heating market and it already accounts for over a third of the district energy systems installed in Europe.


Windows, Smart Glass, Smart Blinds

Everything is getting smarter and our windows are no exception. Smart glass is commonly understood as a glass that can change its tint or opacity electronically. It can help your home adjust to sunlight changes throughout the day, reducing heating and cooling load imposed on building systems. This leads to reduction in energy consumption. In this episode we look at reasons why electrochromic glass and if the extra cost is worth it.


Smart Thermostats

The real issue is that there are many barriers to widespread installation of smart thermostats: from cost, to outdated equipment, to owners not wanting to change something that doesn’t seem broken. The good news is eliminating these barriers will lead us towards our goal of achieving net zero energy use in homes. In this episode we’ll look at how we can overcome these obstacles.


Induction Cooking

A stove that heats faster than gas and stays cool to the touch? Induction cooking is becoming a go-to for professionals and homeowners who prize its speed and accuracy. But it does have some quirks that take getting used to…


Electric Grilling

Even this holy place of wood-and propane-burning is getting a climate-friendly makeover. We’ll learn why one backyard pit master decided to make the change – and find out whether he thinks it’s worth it.



Are Americans ready to curl up by the… radiant unit? One family thinks so and they’re changing their house to do it. But can an electric fireplace keep those home fires burning?


Insulation, Home Envelope Blower Door Testing

In this episode we explore how air tight a home is and the impact that proper insulation can play in the goal to get zero.


Smart Lighting

Ask anyone over 50-years-old and they’ll tell you: life was much easier before light bulbs “learned” to turn themselves on and off. But now that we have smart lighting in the form of LEDs and other lighting technologies, life could be about to change once again. But will the extra advantage of lights that know when to turn on and off really help us get to net zero?

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