About Zwell

Zwell exists to make a positive impact on residential home energy in the United States by making it easier and more affordable for homeowners to make the right decisions regarding energy efficient appliances and technology in their homes. We envision a future where all homes are powered with 100% sustainable energy and fast, affordable, high quality home services are within reach of anyone.

Zwell is a group of people who are passionate about building a business with the intention of having a positive impact on our communities and world. We are firmly grounded in the belief that a successful business can be built around positive change – not simply shareholder profit – as the primary motivating factor.

Our partnerships with 1% for the Planet, B Corp, and the formation of the Zwell Community Fund™ are a reflection of our deep commitment to responsible capitalism.

Energy-Stable Future

The Zwell movement is all about making it easier for you to live your best life while fighting the negative effects of climate change that threaten humanity.  The scale of the problem is global.  The time to act is now.  We can each make a difference by making some relatively simple changes that collectively will have a big impact.

Reduced Cost of Homeownership

We see home ownership as a fundamental part of your financial security.  For most of us, owning a home is the single largest purchase we’ll make in our lifetimes. We want to help you protect your equity by selling products and services that provide you with a superior return on your investment over the life of your home.  Through transparent pricing we aim to shine a light on the home services industry and put money back in your pocket and in your community.

Community Support

Zwell is a social purpose corporation and we can only achieve our vision of carbon-neutral sustainable energy for all homes with a commitment to diverse, healthy communities.  Every purchase you make with Zwell contributes money towards the Zwell Community Fund™. Every penny of the fund is then used towards the purchase and installation of energy efficient home energy solutions for families in need.

Positive, Remote Work Environment

Additionally, we believe in creating a positive and flexible work environment for all of our employees. We are an entirely remote, distributed team that is committed to developing a healthy, no-blame culture where everyone has the freedom to learn and grow. Mistakes = treasures, transparency in business operations builds trust and our families always come first.