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What is the ideal location to install the water heater?

An ideal location for a hybrid heat pump water heater is in a clean dry space with enough room.  Also, the thermistor and element access panels should be accessible for servicing.  Keep in mind that installation in a confined space can lead to higher power consumption. Adequate ventilation should be provided.

CAUTION: The water heater should not be located in an area where leakage of the tank or connections will result in damage to the area adjacent to it or to lower floors.  Where such areas cannot be avoided, it is recommended that a suitable drain pan is used.

A water tank filled with water can weigh between 500 to 1,100 pounds. The weight depends on the tank size. Therefore, make sure the floor underneath the water heater location is strong enough to support the weight of the water heater.  Floor isolation kits are likewise recommended to minimize vibrations if needed.

Furthermore, ambient temperature should not exceed 145°F (63°C).  The water heater and water lines should not be installed outdoors in unprotected areas or where they would be susceptible to freezing temperatures.

The heat pump needs enough air exchange to operate efficiently and several locations will accommodate this.  Generally speaking, if the location of the water heater is in a room larger than 700 cubic feet (e.g. 7’ x 10’ x 10’) you will have enough air exchange for optimal operation.  If your location is smaller than 700 cubic feet you can use ducting or a louvered door to produce the proper air exchange.

For more information about the ideal location, you can contact us.

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