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What is the CTA adaptor?

The CTA 2045 port adapter and UCM let your water heater to be notified of power grid conditions and to react intelligently. It works as a translator between your water heater and your electric utility’s control module. Because of this, it possible to engage in your utility’s energy management program. Furthermore, Rheem’s ProTerra is NEEA Tier 4 certified. It also comes with CTA 2045 adaptor with full Demand Response capability out of the box. The CTA Adaptor on the Rheem ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heaters allows for the installation of a CTA-2045 compliant module should your electric utility require it.

Apart from Rheem, other hot water heater makers are supporting the ANSI/CTA-2045 standard. This is for an open communications protocol and physical port for electricity-using appliances. Additionally, the protocol was developed by the Electric Power Research Institute, Consumer Technology Association, and others. It is a way for utilities to manage peak demand within their electrical grid. 

Zwell is dedicated to getting homes closer to net zero through the installation of new energy-efficient hybrid water heaters. We are not currently equipped to do service or repair visits but we want to be as helpful as possible. Feel free to reach out to us here or for more information, you can contact the Rheem Hybrid Technical Services Department at 800-995-0982.

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