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What do the various LED statues mean on my Span Panel 2nd Generation 1-00800 and what should I do?

WARNING: Don’t try to open or fix the equipment by yourself. If something is wrong, contact the person who set it up for you. Only people who know about electricity should take off the front panel.

  • If the Main Power light is steady green, it means everything is good. If it’s off, there’s no electricity going to the panel.
  • If the Warning light is steady green, something’s wrong: some parts have disconnected by themselves. If it’s off, everything’s okay.
  • If the Grid Status light is steady green, it means the panel detects power from the main electricity grid. If it’s off, it can’t detect any power.
  • If the Gateway Power light is green and steady, it’s working fine. If it’s off, it’s not getting any power.

What to do: If you see something unusual with the lights, email SPAN’s help team at

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