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Can Element Classic bulbs be used simultaneously with other Sengled Element bulbs?

CAUTION: Before installing the Sengled Element Classic LED bulbs, please read and follow all precautions, including:

  • Turn OFF the light switch controlling the light socket, before attempting to replace the light bulb.
  • WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Do not attempt to disassemble bulb.
  • Not suitable for use with standard wall dimmers.
  • Suitable for use in operating environment between -4°F and 104°F (-20°C and 40°C).

Answer: Yes, a single Sengled Hub can support up to 64 bulbs of the Sengled Element family (Element Classic, Element Plus, Element Color Plus, PAR38, 100W, and Element Smart Plug).

This answer is applicable for the following models: E11-G13, E11-G14, E12-N13, E12-N14, E12-N14A, E12-N15.

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