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Are Sengled Element Classic LED bulbs compatible with Sengled Element Hub or other smart lighting hubs?

CAUTION: Before installing the Sengled Element Classic LED bulbs, please read and follow all precautions, including:

  • Turn OFF the light switch controlling the light socket, before attempting to replace the light bulb.
  • WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Do not attempt to disassemble bulb.
  • Not suitable for use with standard wall dimmers.
  • Suitable for use in operating environment between -4°F and 104°F (-20°C and 40°C).

Answer: Yes, a hub is required to control Element Classic LED bulbs. Compatible hubs include:

  • Sengled Element Hub
  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • SmartThings Hub

If your hub is not listed, please refer to or call [Customer Service/Support Phone Number] for the latest list of supported hubs.

This answer is applicable for the following models: E11-G13, E11-G14, E12-N13, E12-N14, E12-N14A, E12-N15.

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