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What steps are recommended if my Ruud Ultra Plug-in Heat Pump with HydroBoost (120V Shared Circuit) presents Alarm Code A108?

CAUTION: For your safety, DO NOT attempt repair of electrical wiring, controls, heating elements, or other safety devices. Refer repairs to qualified service personnel.

Possible Cause: Water has been detected in the drain pan. What To Do:

  1. Carefully remove the top cover from the tank.
  2. Visually inspect the condensate line to ensure it’s clear and verify there isn’t excessive condensation in the condensate pan.
  3. If you notice water, identify the blockage point and clear it.
  4. Inquire with the customer about where the condensate is being directed.
  5. If the pan is dry and no evident blockage is present, it’s recommended to replace the condensate sensor.

This answer is applicable for the following model: Ruud Ultra Plug-in Heat Pump with HydroBoost (120V Shared Circuit).

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