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What should I do if the GE® Tankless Electric Water Heater’s hot water supply is warm, but it does not get hot?

CAUTION: For your safety, DO NOT attempt repair of electrical wiring, controls, heating elements, or other safety devices. Refer repairs to qualified service personnel.

Possible Cause: Temperature set point is too low
What To Do: Increase the temperature set point, but be cautious of the scald risk.

Possible Cause: Flow rate is too high
What To Do: Reduce the flow rate.

Possible Cause: Voltage is less than 240 VAC (120 VAC for GE04SNLPDG)
What To Do: The heating elements on your water heater are designed for 240 VAC applications. When used at a lower voltage, the water heater will produce less hot water.

Possible Cause: No power or incorrect wiring
What To Do: Check breakers at the main electrical panel to ensure it is not tripped. If tripped, reset the breaker. Check that the water heater is wired correctly.

Possible Cause: Mixing too much cold water
What To Do: Tankless water heaters do not require mixing as much cold water as a conventional storage water heater. Adjust the handle of the fixture or the mixing valve on the faucet to reduce the amount of cold water mixed.

Possible Cause: Cold inlet temperature may be lower during winter months
What To Do: This is normal. The colder inlet water requires more heat to reach the temperature set point. Increase the temperature set point.

This answer is applicable for the following models: GE04SNLPDG, GE06SNHPDG, GE08SNHPDG, GE11SNHPDG, GE15SNHPDG, GE18SNHPDG, GE24DNHPDG, GE27DNHPDG.

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