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What should I do if my Ruud Ultra Plug-in Heat Pump with HydroBoost (120V Shared Circuit) shows Alarm Code A006?

CAUTION: For your safety, DO NOT attempt repair of electrical wiring, controls, heating elements, or other safety devices. Refer repairs to qualified service personnel.

Possible Cause: Heating source defaults to elements due to compressor malfunction. What To Do:

  1. Confirm fan is operational while compressor is on. If the fan is not operational, check continuity from the middle (ground) terminal to either outside terminal. If there is a 60V or higher reading, the fan should be running and will need to be replaced. If not, replace the control board (this is a rare occurrence).
  2. Confirm filter screen is clean.
  3. Inspect compressor and surrounding components for any obvious signs of refrigerant leak (oily residue). If the compressor is not operational or there are signs of leakage, the unit will need to be replaced as we do not service sealed system parts.

This answer is applicable for the following model: Ruud Ultra Plug-in Heat Pump with HydroBoost (120V Shared Circuit).

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