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What should I do if I’m experiencing high operation costs with my Whirlpool Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater?

CAUTION: Before attempting any corrective actions, ensure the power to the water heater is turned off at the circuit breaker/fuse box to ensure your safety.

Possible Cause: Temperature set-point is too high. What To Do: Decrease the set-point temperature. Refer to the “Adjusting the User Interface Module” section in the manual for guidance.

Possible Cause: Air filter is dirty. What To Do: Clean the air filter.

Possible Cause: Electric mode is selected. What To Do: Change to Efficiency or Hybrid mode for reduced energy costs.

Possible Cause: Water connections to the unit are reversed. What To Do: Ensure the cold connection is at the bottom and that the hot connection is at the top.

Possible Cause: Heat is being lost through a long run of exposed pipe. What To Do: Insulate any exposed piping.

Possible Cause: There’s a hot water leak at a faucet or in the piping. What To Do: Repair any hot water leaks.

Possible Cause: There’s sediment or scale build-up in the tank. What To Do: Drain and flush the tank. Consider water conditioning to minimize build-up.

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