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Richmond Whole Home 36kW Model water heater not heating at all?

Water heater is not heating at all (water is flowing but the unit is not heating – the outgoing water temperature is the same as the cold water supply).

If the digital display does NOT light up, it could be due to no power or incorrect wiring. Make sure the breakers at the main electrical panel are ON. You may have a faulty breaker or the unit may be wired incorrectly. Another reason could be that the flow rate is too low or the water pressure is too low. Your water heater has an activation flow rate of approximately 0.3 GPM (1.1 LPM). If your water flow rate is less than this level, your unit will not activate. Increase the flow rate.

If the digital display DOES light up, it could indicate an internal part failure. Please call Richmond for technical assistance.

For further assistance, please call Richmond’s customer service at 1-(800) 374-8806.

This answer is applicable for the Richmond Whole Home 36kW Model.

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