Do heat pump water heaters make the room cold?

Heat pump or hybrid water heaters transfer heat from the surrounding air to the water and will produce cool, dry exhaust air. Today’s heat pump water heaters have the ability to run in only heat pump mode for the most energy efficient usage or in conventional electric resistance mode. When operating in heat pump mode, heat pump water heaters do not heat water as quickly as conventional electric resistance water heaters, particularly when recovering after significant usage. Consequently, to maintain performance, heat pump water heaters may switch to a less efficient electric resistance heating mode. These two heating modes are why heat pump water heaters are also referred to as “hybrids”.

Hybrids are optimally designed to be installed in unconditioned or semi-conditioned spaces for example garages or basements. However, if placed in conditioned space, hybrids will produce cool and dry air that is a benefit in the summer months but will lead to higher heating bills in the winter months.

If a hybrid is the right product for you and you need to install the hybrid in a conditioned space such as a laundry room, you have the option of ducting the exhaust air outside.

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