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Hybrid Installation Checklists

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What is needed:

Pre-Installation Checklist

Parts, Accessories & Tools

  • Verified all parts, accessories, tools are on hand to complete the job as specified


  • You have the customer address and phone number
  • Confirmed with homeowner your time of arrival
  • Special instructions from the homeowner

Job Prep & Safety

  • Wear booties inside the home
  • Wear personal protective equipment as needed (gloves, masks, eye protection)
  • Tools should be kept organized to reduce mess in the install location
  • Mat/floor covering should be laid out around install location to catch solder drippings, pipe cuttings, etc
  • Make sure install location and pathway are clear of any homeowner belongings, clutter or fragile items

Installation Checklist

Water Heater Location

  • Close to area of heated water demand
  • Indoors and protected from moisture, wet conditions, freezing temperatures (below 32°F and high temperatures (above 140°F)
  • Area free from flammable vapors
  • Provision for air circulation
  • Provision made to protect are from water damage
  • Sufficient room to service water heater
  • Six inches (6”) of clearance from ceiling to top of water heater to allow for filter maintenance
  • Access to condensate disposal
  • Vibration isolation kit (non-concrete floors)
  • Water heater seismic kit (if required)

Water Supply

  • Water heater completed filled with water
  • Air purged from water heater and piping
  • Water connections tight and free or leaks
  • Flexible water connections

Relief Valve

  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve properly installed and discharge link run to open drain
  • Discharge line protected from freezing


  • Power Supply voltage agrees with water heater rating plate
  • Branch circuit wire and fusing or circuit breaker of proper size (recommended 15 amp and 30 amp breaker for select models)
  • Electrical connections tight and unit properly grounded
  • 10 gauge wire

Thermal Expansion Tank

  • Make sure thermal expansion tank is properly pressurized
  • Make sure thermal expansion tank is installed up to code and is properly secured to code

Condensate Lines

  • Condensate lines from water heater installed correctly
  • Condensate lines from water heater runt to suitable drain location


  • HVAC approved ducting
  • Calculated length of duct no greater than maximum allowed
  • UL Certified terminations (for ducting outside)
  • Insulated duct
  • Ducting adequately supported
  • Ducting adequately isolated from structure

Shutoff Valve

  • Make sure valve is open condition

Leak Sensor

  • Make sure sensor is dry and doesn’t touch the water during installation


  • Make sure app is installed for customer and is working properly


  • Make sure water heater temperature is set to 120°F
  • Make sure water heater is operational

Post Installation Checklist


  • Check to see if the customer has any questions and make sure they understand how to use their new water heater (email with videos will also be provided)
  • Ask customer to sign acceptance of the installation
  • Let customer know we’ll be following up with an email with the manual, warranty information, annual maintenance procedures, contact information, opportunity to provide us with a review
  • Get pictures of serial numbers and email to [email protected] with address of job
  • Make sure job site is cleaner than you found it

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