Ultimate Guide to Hot Water Heaters at Home

Switching away from a gas-powered water heater removes about 2,625 tons or 26% of a standard household’s CO2 emissions per year.

Energy savings are based on your home energy source

CO2 emission savings are different depending on the energy source of the home. The pie charts show what percent of the yearly emissions are saved for an average home.

Natural Gas

Fuel Oil/Kerosene


Standard Water Heaters vs. Hybrid Water Heaters

Standard Water Heaters

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Hybrid Water Heaters

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Why does electrification matter?

Scientists agree we need to cut our heat-trapping emissions to zero by 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Collectively, our monthly bills for electricity, natural gas, and gasoline add up to BILLIONS of dollars every year spent on fossil fuels. Through a combined effort to clean up our electricity generation and eliminating the burning of fossil fuels within residential homes, we can drastically improve our outlook. Small, everyday choices from each individual can add up to have a massive impact. We’re here to help make some of those choices easier.

Water Heater Cost Comparison

Water and space heating make up the majority of your home energy costs. Heat pump technology can reduce that by up to 75% along with other modern features:

BUILT-IN ECONET® WIFI TECHNOLOGY Adjust water temperature, track energy usage and set vacation mode from your phone

ENERGY USAGE TRACKING View weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage reports from your phone to help you better manage energy consumption

OPERATING MODES & SCHEDULING Schedule adjustments and choose from five operation modes from the EcoNet App: Energy Saver, Heat Pump, Electric, High Demand, Vacation

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Ultimate Guide to Hot Water Heaters at Home

Water heaters are not something people focus on often. In fact, for most homes, people barely notice if there is a water heater at all. But like any other appliance or system in the home, there is a lot to know about water heaters beyond just how they warm your water. Although it is not something considered very important by some, it still plays an important role in daily life.

It’s certainly complicated to know every detail about the hot water heater you may purchase. The wide variety of models, types and prices can be really confusing and challenging, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Did you know that choosing a new one requires more than checking the available price? 

There are several features to consider before your purchase. That is why here at Zwellhome we’d like to provide you with information that should contribute to ascertaining which model would be the most adequate for your needs. We’re here to narrow everything to show you what would be the most appropriate for your needs.